Virginia Seedlings is one of the leading wholesale plant propagators in Australia.

Specialising in greenhouse and field vegetable seedlings, supplying commercial growers with top quality plants throughout the nation.
Our team have a vast amount of experience and we continue to lead the way in the latest released, and proven varieties from global seed breeders.
Virginia Seedlings specialises in tomato, cucumber, capsicum and eggplant, herb, and zucchini seedlings, and is continuing to expand in order to reach new levels of customer satisfaction. We are constantly developing our range of seedlings to follow market trends and customer requirements.
All seedlings are grown in a 100% sterilised peat moss medium so customers can be confident that their orders will be disease free.

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We have a large range of Capsicum varieties to suit every grower.

If you have a disease issue or looking for specific size or colour of capsicum our staff can help your choose the ideal variety.

Virginia Seedlings can supply a range of tomato varieties from single or truss harvest, cherry tomatoes, baby roma, large roma to beef steak types or any other speciality varieties.

Australia eggplant market has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, eggplant varieties have never been better from a range of colours & sizes.

Cucumbers are one of our speciality lines, we grow all types of cucumber varieties from Lebanese, Continentals, Slicers and other speciality lines.

Virginia Seedlings now grow watermelons, seedless watermelons & rockmelons.

Please call or come and visit us to see our complete range of varieties.

If you are thinking of planting Chilli’s this season, we can help.

Virginia Seedlings source a number of varieties from all leading seed companies.

New varieties are being released every year to keep up with market trends.

We grow most herb seedlings all year round so our customers can transplant throughout the year.

Please contact us for all your herb enquires.

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